We are an extremely busy shop and appreciate everyone that books an appointment with us!

 Please read our cancellation policy below.

Cancellation policy

An appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled 6 hours in advance according to our guidelines. It also gives others time to rebook your slot. Cancellations done in advance are free of charge and will be refunded within 2 working days. 

For cancellations within 6 hours, the following applies:

– As a courtesy the 1st time no fee will be charged (to the discretion of the hairstylist in mind);

– The 2nd time we will charge 50% of your service;

– The 3rd time we will charge 100% of your service;

– The 4th time; you’ll have to find another barbershop. 

ALL no-shows will be charged at 100% of your service.

Of course we hope it will never come to this. Please respect our time and communicate with us accordingly.

Please note, we are a barbershop. We specialize in cutting short to medium length hair, including styles such as wolf cuts, mullets, and shags. If you book for a long hair cut (that is currently outside our service list) and arrive, your appointment will be cancelled, and a 50% service fee will be charged for the reserved time. For any queries on our services, please reach out before booking.

Prices are subject to change at the owners discretion.