We are an extremely busy shop and appreciate everyone that books in with us. Read our cancellation policy below.

All of our customers at Kindred Kuts are important to us, more specifically our Black, People of Colour, Queer, and Trans patrons. We are aware of the economic challenges the most vulnerable of us navigate with. With this in mind, if you receive social benefits, are unemployed, are a newcomer, have an immigrant background, or have an annual income €10,000 – €12,000k, we will now offer you our Kom-Unity care voucher.

Email us at info@kindredkuts.com if you fit the beneficiary criteria and we’ll send it out to you.

Cancellation policy

An appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled 6 hours in advance according to our guidelines. It also gives others time to rebook your slot. Cancellations done in advance are free of charge and will be refunded within 2 working days. 

For cancellations within 6 hours, the following applies:

– As a courtesy the 1st time no fee will be charged (to the discretion of the hairstylist in mind);

– The 2nd time we will charge 50% of your service;

– The 3rd time we will charge 100% of your service;

– The 4th time; you’ll have to find another barbershop. 

ALL no-shows will be charged at 100% of your service.

Of course we hope it will never come to this. Please respect our time and communicate with us accordingly.


Prices are subject to change at the owners discretion.